Bright Spots Friday!

If you’ve been following along in our Member’s Facebook Group lately, you may have seen the reintroduction of Friday Bright Spots.  What exactly is this and why would we want to celebrate it?

At 13 Stripes, we believe that celebrating our wins, no matter how big or small is necessary.  Often times, we get caught up in the busyness of life and forget to take a minute to look at what is going well for us. The practice of reflecting on our “wins” isn’t bragging, it’s taking the time to reflect on what makes us happy.  And we ALL need a little more happiness in our day.

Every Friday, we ask what went well in the previous week.  Sometimes, it might be that you made it to the gym 3 times that week, or convinced your child to try a new vegetable, or that you got a promotion at work.  Whatever it is, we want you to celebrate it. 

It might be hard to post that very first Bright Spot.  We know you might be thinking, “I don’t know all of these people, why would they care about what went well for me?”  But they do! So post away! Celebrate yourself! And start your weekend with a smile on your face!