What exactly is the fitness Open and our Intramural Open?

Every year we get questions about what the fitness Open is and why people should do it.  This year, registration for the 2018 fitness Open is set to begin on Thursday, January 11th and at 13 Stripes we couldn’t be more excited for the introduction of the Intramural Open!

If you are new to fitness, you might be wondering why you should register or what it even it.

Basically, the fitness Open is a series of workouts programmed by fitness HQ that runs for 5 weeks from February 22 – March 26 in 2018 with one workout per week.  This event allows any athlete in the world to participate in a qualifier leading up to the fitness Games this summer.  It allows everyone, from the beginning fitnesster to advanced athlete to compare themselves to others of their age and ability level around the world.  The top athletes in the Master’s age divisions move onto the Master’s Qualifier, while the top athletes in the Region move on to Regionals.

So…”Why should you do it?”

Why Should I Do the fitness Open?

  1. Because you can! fitness has created RX and Scaled divisions for each workout.
  2. By being on an Intramural Open team, you will be part of a larger community that is encouraging and fun!
  3. You may do something you didn’t think was possible.
  4. If you have an interest in competing, it’s a great place to start!
  5. It’s fun!!!

How does the Intramural Open Work?

  1. We will have 4 teams, led by two team captains.  Each team captain has either drafted or will recruit athletes to their team.
  2. All members MUST either register for the open or contribute $20 towards a charity the gym will choose.
  3. Teams will come up with team names and have a team Facebook group for communication.
  4. Each Friday night, we will host a Friday Night Lights, where we encourage everyone to come complete the open WOD.  It will still be done in classes, but working out with your team is even more fun!  Teams will be able to earn points in the following ways.
    • Teams are given 1 point for each athlete that finishes a workout (RX or Scaled)
    • Teams are given 1 point for every male and female who finishes in the top 3 of their division each week.
    • Teams are given 1 point for every athlete that completes the workout during Friday Night Lights.
    • Teams are given 5 points if they win the Spirit of the Open Aware on any given week.
    • Each week there will be an additional weekly challenge to complete that will allow teams to earn up to an additional 10 points.
  5. The Leaderboard will be posted each week for everyone to see.
  6. The team with the most prizes at the end will get their name on a banner to be displayed in the gym.
  7. On week 6, there will be a final team event with a chance to earn points.  This event will be announced soon!