In the beginning….

God created the Earth. Then it took him 6 more days to create the rest of everything necessary to become what we are today. Sun, water, people..  a snake.

In OUR beginning as fitnessters we typically create some scary scenario of what will happen to us once we get started. We Google everything possible about fitness to get ourselves prepared for what we’re going to do. We look at different reviews about how awesome CF is and how horrible it is. We look at gear, workout pants, tank tops, sneakers. We start to scale movements in our heads before we even know if we need to scale it or not. We stock up on Epsom salt and ibuprofen.  We ask Facebook which pre-workout is the best and what we should do for post-workout nourishment. We get so ingrained in prepping for this huge life change and we sort of forget WHY we’re doing this. I mean, don’t get me wrong.. I was WAY excited about shopping for workout clothes.

When we started at 13 Stripes, if you’re anything like me, we questioned why we would put our bodies through such a grueling half hour of squats and step ups and running and every other horrible thing imaginable. I think I sort of expected to be skinny by the end of my first foundations class. As in, I got on the scale when I got home. Crazy, right?  Totally crazy.

What I realized, in the beginning, was that I can actually DO a lot of the movements without having to really scale back. I mean, obviously, there were things I flat out couldn’t do at that time but over time what seemed impossible became second nature to me. Jumping on the assault bike and kicking out 20 calories. Rowing a 2K row in under 10 minutes. Getting up off the floor after doing push ups to down dog. By the way… after my first foundation class I couldn’t get off the floor. I had to wait and then I had to use an assault bike and a bench to help me. Talk about humbling.

So, we do all of this stuff in the beginning so we can prepare ourselves for what lies ahead. Then, the next thing you know… without warning…  that assault bike warmup doesn’t seem as taxing as it used to.  Getting down on the floor for active spidermans and then getting back up to switch sides isn’t as hard. Running 200 meters at the very start of class is no big deal. We start to realize that we actually CAN do these things because we’re getting stronger. We’re sticking with it. We’re not giving up no matter the odds stacked against us. We know the path and we stay steady on it.

That, my friends, is the only way to make what seemed impossible be your warmup. Steady. Consistent. Slow. Loyal. Going to the gym, even when you don’t want to. Honestly, the best time to go is when you don’t want to. One day turns into two, two turns into three… and so on. Don’t let that happen. You have a life to live and you deserve to be healthy living it!  When the hardest thing you had to do in the beginning now is part of a normal warmup for you… you’re winning! Don’t ever forget that!

See you at the box!!!!

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