Let’s talk goals!

What’s your goal?  Ok. Ok. Let me narrow that down for you a bit.

What’s your health or fitness goal? I’ll share some of mine. (but only because you asked!)

I want to stand on my head.  I want to hang from the rig. Better yet, I want to do a toe to bar movement or a pull up.  I want to do an actual push up. I want to kick out 12 calories on the assault bike in less than 3 minutes. I want to do a 95 lb power clean. I want to be a size 4.

How many of my goals do you think are REALLY attainable? You can be honest.  I can tell you how many. Only about half. Here’s the rub with goals. When we shoot TOO high we tend to get discouraged and frustrated.  That’s when ‘the giving up’ usually happens. For most of us that’s make it or break it time. We decide, usually too soon, that we’re CLEARLY never going to get where we want to be so why bother? If you’re anything like my pre-fitness self, you’ve gone through this over and over again.

I’ve come to yet another revelation. This happened last night, on my way home while talking to my Mom on the phone. I may never be able to do a handstand push up and that’s ok.  I may never be able to hang from the rig, much less perform a toe to bar. And that’s ok, too. I know that I will never be a size 4 for sure. It’s not in my body composition. And that is really, really ok. As long as I’m working  and moving and striving for the smaller goals I can reach, I’m fine with my progression.

I want to do so many things. When I joined 13 Stripes I wanted to get healthier. I wanted to be able to get down on the ground with my eventual grandchildren. Did I mention that my son is engaged????? Now I want to be able to not look like a frumpy mom in my mother of the groom dress. I wanted to be able to walk around a zoo with my nieces and nephews and not get winded and need to sit down every few exhibits.  Small goals. Small and attainable goals. THAT is the key.  Power cleaning 75 lbs is awesome right now. I need to add weight next time and keep working on getting that bar up and pushing my elbows out. I’m almost there. I can bike 8 calories in a minute and a half..  so I know I need to work a little harder to add a couple calories to that number.

Listen, we’re not machines. We’re humans trying to stick around on this Earth longer. We’re working on our health and our fitness and making sure that we are doing everything we can to be the best we can be. We’re all trying to live our best life. I know I am.  How about we just take it one small goal at a time and then celebrate the hell out of it when we reach it?  I’ll celebrate with you. I’m always up for a party!

See you at the Box!!!!!!

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