Open 20.1 “You can TOTALLY do it!”

Let’s just go ahead and add this line to the long list of things I say ALL THE TIME to many people! I love to challenge the negative thoughts in the heads of my new gym friends. I was there once, I know what I speak of. Trust me.

No, really. Trust me. I joined 13 Stripes in August and in December we had a Holiday Throwdown Competition that I was incredibly reluctant to sign up for. A little pushing from the coaches and my new gym family is all it took for me to join in the fun. For DAYS after I agreed to be on a team I regretted my decision. I went through the endless list of things I couldn’t do like run or jump or breathe and I nearly talked myself out of sticking to my agreement. Then I realized that the only reason I think I CAN’T do this competition is because… well..  I think I can’t. See what I did there? I tried to talk myself out of something I knew in my heart I would be able to do with some scaling and modifications…  and let my mind take over to where I nearly crossed my name off the list.

Whether we think we can or we think we can’t, we’re right. I did that competition. My team didn’t win. I obsessed over the fact that it was my fault for a few days but then I got over it because my team didn’t care. They were happy I joined in, they were proud of the work I put in and, the best part was that they cheered me on the ENTIRE time.  As adults sometimes we revert back to our younger days when we might have been picked on or bullied for being overweight or out of shape.  I know I have and, sometimes, I still do. I see people whispering and my first thought is that it’s about me. Isn’t is crazy that what happens to us as kids we carry throughout our lives?

But I digress – I do that a lot, I’m sure you notice.

Recently, I got a message from a new member and she expressed her fear about doing the Open. She told me she was going to skip the first workout and just wait for next weeks.  With a little bit of encouragement and some really long messages back and forth, she signed up for a heat for the first workout. I was (and still am) crazy proud of her for stepping out of her comfort zone to do things she’s never done. It’s scary when you hear those people from your past in your head. Picking you last for the elementary school team in gym. Whispering as you walk past in the hallway. Not letting you join the clique. Laughing because you are horrible at dodgeball. So, here comes these crazy workouts that everyone loves and loathes and all you’re thinking is “What craziness is this and why would I put myself through that embarrassment?”  Then.. here comes me.. your Rowdy Girl Cheerleader pounding it into your head that you CAN do this. Trust me when I say…  I’m cheering myself on just as much as I’m cheering YOU on.

There is one thing I know for sure when it comes to fitness and 13 Stripes. You will NOT find a better group of people to spend an hour or two with. You won’t find people who will cheer louder, clap harder, push you further and beam with pride stronger than your gym family. We’re all in the same boat. We all have the same goal…  to get through this 10 rounds, to get this workout under our belts, to help our team win, to have fun and to get healthier doing all those things.

Listen, folks. If you think you can’t…  I urge you to contact me. I will help you understand that you can. You can find me on Facebook, Instagram (@fromcouchtofitness) or even here. Just comment below. I’ll contact you.

Happy Open 2020!!!!!

See you at the box!

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