What is YOUR why?

I have been asked on MANY occasions why I go to the gym as much as I do.  I’ve even been asked HOW I go to the gym as much as I do.  Since sarcasm is my first language my typical answer would be “I get in my car and drive over there.” but, since most people really want to know why and how I tell them the real answer.

That is very simple.  There is NOTHING that feels as good as being healthy does. NOTHING. Now, that is just MY opinion. You might have other thoughts about it but in my life, for my purpose nothing feels better than to not be carrying around this 80 extra pounds that I’ve shed in the past year.  My why is a long list of things. I need to be able to walk up and down steps. I need to be around for the grandchildren I will one day have. I need to be able to help take care of my family members if they get sick. I have 5 active nieces and nephews that require my attention when I’m with them and I want to be able to run and play with them. I love to travel which typically requires fitting into an airplane seat.

When I’m asked WHY I go to the gym my usual answer is that I love it. So much. This is literally the ONLY workout/health plan that  has worked for me ever. Literally ever. I’ve tried them all. I’ve done the research. fitness is something different every single day. The workout is different. I learn something new about myself every day. I lift something heavier than I did the week before. I row faster. I do a burpee better. For me, it’s about improving on previously set benchmarks. For me, it’s about being a better version of me for ME. When I make plans I look at when I’ll be able to workout during that week. I have a goal and I work hard to hit it. I have things I want to do with my life and going to the gym afford me those things. My attitude is different, my mood is lighter, and.. well.. so is my body. My why simply circles around all of the above.  My why also circles around the community at 13 Stripes. These are my people, my tribe. Working out with them brings me joy. Makes me laugh. Sometimes, it even makes me cry.  I’ve watched people hit amazing benchmarks and I’ve seen the joy on their face.  To share in that experience is like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

Tell me something:  Why haven’t you started yet? What is your why for NOT going to the gym? Is it money? It is time? Is it not being in shape?  Here’s a little tip. If money is your concern, I would suggest talking to someone at 13 Stripes about the several different options.  Getting healthier isn’t cheap, I know that. Heck, you can go to McDonalds and get an 89 cent hamburger but a salad is $6. I know. Craziness. BUT, the cost is the best money you will ever spend on yourself. That’s how I feel about it.  If time is an issue consider this:  Give me 3 days out of your week. Just 3. Give me ONE HOUR each of those 3 days.  If you have little ones, we have a small play area in Harrisburg.  1 hour 3 days a week is not a huge commitment. And, yes…  I was a single mom once and I know what it’s like.  If it’s because you think you need to get into shape to join fitness I assure you that you do not.  I was 310 lbs when I started.  Not. Even. Kidding. I literally went from Couch to fitness and I will tell anyone who will listen how I did that. Nope. It wasn’t easy. It was literally the hardest thing I have ever done….  but here I am. Almost a year later and I’m healthier than I was when I was 10.

Find your why and use it. Find your why and get off the couch and tell me about it. You CAN do this. If I could get every single person who reads this to stop doubting their abilities, I would. If I could personally sit down with each of you and pep talk like crazy, I would. If I can do this, so can you. Trust me.

No, really. Trust me.

Find your why and then meet me that the box!

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