Congratulate yourself!

There are several quotes out there about being humble, not praising yourself, not showing off… on and on.  I just read one that said “Self

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It’s complimentary!

Who here doesn’t take compliments well?  *throws hand in the air* Yep. Me. I’m one of those people who will receive a compliment and then

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We all have our story.

I have been overweight ALL of my life. I was the chubby baby who turned into the chubby girl in elementary school. I carried that

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That’s how long it took me to do the scaled version of Murph. For those that might not have heard or might not know or

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Live with Purpose

This past weekend Rebecca and I traveled to Yonkers, New York to celebrate our nephews 5th birthday.  Whenever we’re there I never miss an opportunity

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Power clean

Ya’ll… I LOVE lifting. It’s not a secret.  I seriously could do away with the whole cardio situation and just lift heavy things all the

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Call yourself out!

I’m about to tell on myself. I have found, especially lately, that I’m cutting corners in warmups.  I know that seems silly and “it’s just

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