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Dumbbells & Diapers

Get your fitness back with a program geared specifically to the needs of a postpartum mother.

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Why Dumbbells & Diapers?

Return to fitness with the help of a dedicated Coach, trained and certified in post-natal fitness. Our classes are individualized for each woman and help you not only get your confidence back, but meet great people at the same time!

What You Get?

Core and Pelvic Floor Health Rebuilding

During pregnancy and postpartum our core and pelvic floor exercise needs are different. Our approach helps create and rebuild core and pelvic floor health (so you can jump with confidence again).

Support and Guidance

We will meet you where you are at! Pregnant and postpartum moms need a coach who understands where they are in their fitness journey.

Connection and Community

Enjoy all the benefits of the program while meeting other moms on the same journey.

No Previous Fitness Experience Needed

Our class focuses on functional fitness for everyday life that is accommodating to all fitness levels.

Lasting Results

Transform your body, improve your health, and increase your confidence in just 8 weeks.

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