Assault the assault bike

I’m SUPER slow on the assault bike. I’ve tried many Jedi mind tricks to think of it differently so that I don’t dread it. It challenges me in MANY ways.  Sometimes I blame shortness. Sometimes I blame my heavy legs. Sometimes I just flat out don’t wanna. I imagine that when I started at 13 Stripes if I saw the bike in the WOD, I chose to have a ‘rest’ day that day. Here’s what I’ve learned about that.

A: I will never get better at anything if I don’t just attack it and DO it.

B: I will plateau in my fitness training if I don’t work on the hard stuff.

C: Cherry-picking a workout doesn’t work for me because I’ll never achieve my goals.

D: I needed to learn to embrace the suck. (I borrowed that phrase my Coach Kellie…  she lovingly pounded it into my head)

Today, during a lull at work, I Googled “How to get better at the assault bike” and below is what I found. Credit goes to the woman who wrote the blog. She makes TONS of sense and, let’s be honest, #6 is genius. I check out WOD Nation quite a bit to get insight, info, and questions answered if I’m just pondering my 13 Stripes life. Ok, ok.. you caught me. I get bored sometimes and I Google all things fitness constantly. Ya can’t blame me. I want to stand on my head someday.

ANYWAY – I’m just like you. I want to get better. I want to DO better. I want to BE better.  Embracing what we dislike to do will help that.  Attack it like it’s a really hard puzzle that you have to solve. Zone out and listen to the music instead of watching the calories slowly creep up. A watched bike never counts… or something like that.  Come ride with me!

See you at the Box!!!!

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