Heather’s Story

Check out Heather’s story in her own words! Heather is one of our group class members who always comes with a positive attitude and is willing to work hard, but loves to have fun at the same time! 

“My absolute biggest challenge prior to working out with the crew at 13 Stripes was my dwindling strength & endurance. My sleep was a mess…I would stay up late and wake up in the middle of the night. I’d snack late at night too.

Overall I was just going down the path to unhealthy living.

I was feeling frustrated. I have always been athletic and active. When I started my current full time job in outside sales I went from being active to pretty much sedentary. I decided to join 13 Stripes as a gift to myself for my 50th birthday.

It was a gift for myself now and for my future self AND a gift to my children. I want to me a healthy role model for them and to age with ease!

Someone once told me that muscle has memory. I was hopeful that the muscle I had developed leading up to my sedentary job would still be there, ready to show up and keep me healthy & strong.

Not only has my strength improved but my overall confidence has elevated!! My daily routine has improved where I get to bed somewhat early so that I can wake up at 4:00am for the 5am class Monday through Friday each week. My sleep is amazing too!

I took some measurements on my own at home prior to starting at 13 stripes and have checked them monthly. I have lost inches & my clothes fit better!

If you’re on the fence about joining 13 Stripes I would strongly encourage you to go in and meet with one of the trainers. They are knowledgeable, skilled, supportive, encouraging and FUN!!”

To learn how to get started, schedule a free intro at www.13stripesfitness.com today!