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Nutrition Challenge

Better YOU Challenge

Hosted by 13 Stripes fitness and Endure Fitness

12 Week Commitment and Wellness Challenge

$150 Sign-up Fee

Challenge Includes…

  • 2 SECA Body Composition Analyses and interpretation of results (By Elite Therapy & Fitness, $70 value) (The Body Analysis can determine someone’s exact pounds of body fat, pounds of muscle mass, body fat percentage, current hydration status as well as BMI to an accuracy of 98.5%.) http://elitetherapyfitness.com/services/body-composition-analysis 
  • 1 – 30 minute 1 on 1 coaching in a focus area of your choice ($30 value)
  • 1- 30 minute Nutrition Consultation with Alissa Over, Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist ($35 value)
  • Shirt ($20 Value)
  • 25% discount on personal training during the challenge months
  • Class Attendance Goals
  • Benchmark Testing
  • 10% Discount Spartan SGX Gym Combine Entry Fee located at 13 Stripes fitness
  • A Number of Prizes for Participants
    • Overall Male & Female 1st Prize – 1 month free unlimited fitness and spartan sgx membership
    • Other prizes possible – (Free Spartan Races, Stark Energy, Hylete, supplements, etc.)
  • Placing determined by 30% – Body composition percentage, 30% – Benchmark Workout Testing, 40% – Class Attendance (Up to 5 days a week) – can be either SGX, fitness, or Burner-x classes, but must be registered and checked into class to count


Enrollment Period

January 4th to January 27th

Body Composition Analyses and Fitness Testing Dates

Wave 1 – January 21st

Wave 2 – January 27th

Challenge Dates

Wave 1 – January 22nd to April 17th

Wave 2 – January 28th to April 23rd

Spartan SGX Gym Combine Date

Spring 2017


*For those members interested in cash prizes, Stark Energy is running the Stark Lean & Fit Challenge during the same general time period.  See http://starknolimits.com/Get-Fit-Challenge for more information.

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