So you’re “out of shape”…now what to do?

If you’ve been following us on social media or reading the emails we have been sending, our focus during the last few months has been on helping people stay consistent with their fitness and health.  However, we know it has been a very stressful time in everyone’s lives and sometimes our fitness and health can take a back seat.

COVID-19 has been shown to impact people at a much higher rate when their health is impacted by another condition such as obesity or diabetes.  Not only is being healthy best for you in your overall life.  Now, it’s a huge part of staying safe and protecting yourself from severe symptoms of the virus that is impacting so many people.

Staying fit and healthy also unlocks so many things in your life that you might not have been able to do before!  Playing a game of soccer with your kids?  No big deal now!  Taking a hike up the mountain you’ve always wanted to? Time to start planning it! Getting up off the ground quickly to stop the baby from climbing the stairs? Definitely important!

But, where to start?  Everyone is at a completely different place physically and mentally, so it will be different for each individual person.  However, hiring a coach is the most important first step.  You don’t treat yourself with medicine without a doctor, represent yourself in court without a lawyer, or for the most part build a house without a contractor.  Don’t try going to the gym without someone guiding you to the best path for you.

Step 1 – Hire a coach

Find a coach that sits down with you to talk about your specific goals.  Just like clothing doesn’t come in one size, fitness isn’t a one size fits all approach either.  What is best for someone training for a triathlon isn’t necessarily best for someone who wants to play with their kids in the back yard.  A good coach will help you design the perfect program to fit your specific needs.

Step 2 – Start slow

If you’re new to fitness 3 times a week is more than enough.  Trying to completely change your habits at first will just frustrate and discourage you if you miss a day.  Commit to 3 hours a week (only 1.78% of the actual week) in order to start making healthy habits and self care a priority.

Step 3 – Be consistent

Show up consistently!  One tip to make time in your day is to plan your workout as an appointment on your calendar.  If you schedule it into your day, you’re 3x more likely to actually do the workout vs. if you do not.  Sporadic efforts are also going to make it much harder to get to where you want to go!

Getting back into shape is not an easy or quick process, but with the right coach and a positive mindset, is one you can accomplish.

If you need help finding a coach or getting started on that process, book a free help call HERE!