Why 13 Stripes Fitness Was Born!

13 Stripes Fitness in Dillsburg exists because I wanted to help people in our area get and stay healthy.  As I got older and had children, I realized just how important it was to live a healthy lifestyle and wanted to bring that to my hometown.  

Traditional gyms often have seas of machines in front of them and no one to help them.  Many people who just wander aimlessly around large gyms without knowing where to start or how to actually get a good workout in.  They often leave and seldom return, wasting the money they had spent on memberships because they “weren’t getting any results.”

I opened 13 Stripes Fitness to provide a place where expert coaches and trainers work closely with clients to make sure they get results quickly in a supportive, welcoming environment.  I want people to actually come in and use their membership, not just pay each month.

I have been active my entire life, participating in both high school and college sports, but always struggled with confidence and how I felt about the way I looked.  When I started strength training 8 years ago, I realized that not only did it help build my confidence levels, but it also helped me become a much healthier version of myself.  For years I had struggled with injuries from over training and under eating. That didn’t go away magically, but it did prompt some huge changes in my overall mental and physical health.

Even though I already owned a gym in Harrisburg, PA, I decided that Dillsburg, the place I grew up and loved, needed somewhere for people gain the confidence and health benefits that I had seen over the last few years.  I wanted to create a place that was motivating, encouraging, where people would not be confused or intimidated by rows of equipment.  I wanted everyone who came through the door to know we cared about their specific goals and that we would create the perfect plan just for them to finally feel the way they wanted to. 

Since opening the gym, we’ve perfected that process.  Every person who walks through our door has an individual conversation with one of our trainers, a customized plan is created for them, and they receive accountability on a regular basis to make sure they are progressing the way they want to.  13 Stripes Fitness is more than just a gym where people workout.  

We have recently added our Rebuild Fitness program, which is designed to help people return to fitness after injury, surgery, or chronic pain, which is run by experts in the area of physical therapy and fitness.  We also have created Youth Programs for ages 5-10 and Lift Her Up for girls ages 11-17 to help them develop confidence in themselves and leadership skills through fitness. 

Today, we are more invested than ever in creating a place to help everyone, at any age feel confident, strong, and healthy.  Our clients range in age from 3-87 and we love helping every single one of them.

If you’ve ever struggled with confidence, gymtimidation, needed someone to hold you accountable, or just are looking for somewhere that will make sure you stick with your plan, book a free consultation with me at https://13stripesfitness.com/free-intro/.

Founders of 13 Stripes Fitness
Founders – Leighton & Joleen Bingham