Check out Crystal’s Story!

Crystal's story

She’s lost weight, gained confidence, but most importantly is back to feeling like herself!

“Before starting at 13 Stripes, the biggest challenge I had was getting to the gym and making time for myself. I work a full time job, own a business and have a family. I felt very disappointed. I worked hard to lose 75 pounds years ago and knew I needed that extra push to do it again. I have a 10 year old daughter who is my biggest fan and I want her to be proud of me.

Since starting at 13 Stripes, so much has changed for me. I am making eating, sleeping, and making moving a priority. Even on the busy days, I’m still carving out time for me. My fiancé has said I’m back to me!!

I’ve also lost 5 pounds, which disappointed me at first but then I realized what I gained. I gained muscle mass. I gained abilities I never thought I would have. I can do things I never tried. I am more active. I eat more because before, I was always skipping meals. I could go on and on but overall, I gained “me” back! Just for an example, I could barely lift the bar when I started. Now I’m deadlifting with ease. I could not do a push-up and today I did 12. It might be small to some but it’s huge to me!

To anyone nervous about getting started, I would encourage them to give it a try! I was definitely intimidated to lift, but my trainer, Xander, is such an amazing teacher! He will show me things a few times if he has to. He encourages me every workout!! He makes me want to work harder. If something is not working, he easily pivots and we try something else. All the trainers are like this. Everyone is super friendly! They hold you accountable but also don’t care if you had a little too much to eat and drink at your high school reunion lol!!” 

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