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Small Group Strength Training/Team Training

Our small group and team strength training programs are designed specifically to meet the unique needs of each individual sport. This program is for those athletes looking looking to improve their overall strength, power, and performance in their sport, while reducing the chance of injury.

Sports Nutrition

Through our individualized nutrition guidance, athletes will improve their performance and endurance during events by learning what to eat, when to eat it and in what amounts.

Speed & Agility

Through our small group and personalized programs, we provide our athletes with the tools to learn how to apply their strength and translate it into speed and agility on the field.

Sports Injury Management

Through our program, we help athletes who have left physical therapy continue to develop their strength and stamina to return to play stronger than they were before. All programs for sports injury management will require a movement assessment to help design a specific program for both the injury and the sport.

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