Molly’s Story

Molly's story

Molly is a mother of twins, has a busy job and is training for a role in law enforcement. Check out her story below!

“My biggest challenge before starting with 13 Stripes was my motivation and energy.

I struggled with keeping up with day to day things and struggled with keeping my energy going with two toddlers in the house which really made me feel weak and I struggled with depression.

After starting at 13 Stripes I slowly gained strength in muscles I had never even used before. I had more energy and was finally able to keep myself moving and working.

I was testing to be in the Police Academy when I joined 13 Stripes but I couldn’t even do a single push-up. After working with 13 Stripes and having them help me to train my muscles and my mind I was able to do 30 pushups with no issue in order to pass my test.

Having a trainer to motivate you and encourage you along your fitness journey is so important. I would not be physically where I am now if the 13 Stripes team hadn’t been there to help me along the way.

Every trainer at 13 Stripes has a heart for what they do. They make you feel at home and like a family member when you are there. They are encouraging and kind and there is no better place to start or continue your fitness journey.”

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