I went hungry.

Yes, I did. I went to the grocery store AFTER my workout last night which, by the way, was an amazing test of leg, arm and lung strength and I was HUNGRY.

You guys – it’s never a good idea to go to the grocery store hungry because you end up leaving with much more than was on your list AND your belly takes over your brain somehow and you end up with stuff in your cart that you
A: Would not NORMALLY eat when you’re counting macros or calories or fat intake.
B: Would not normally buy because it’s out of your budget.

In my past life (ok.. just over 6 months ago) I used to go to the grocery store without a list or… with a list and then just go willy nilly anyway…. and buy whatever I wanted. I TRIED to make smart and healthy choices but then I would see that Chips Ahoy were on sale and I couldn’t resist the deal or the thought of dipping them in cold milk later that night as a before bedtime snack.

Am I saying don’t buy the Chips Ahoy? Absolutely not. If you like them and have that kind of willpower that it will take you longer than 2 or 3 days to finish them, go ahead. Don’t deny yourself what you love. Never deny yourself what you love. It’s all about portion control and, quite honestly, I ask myself all the time “Is eating this worth the calories?” Sometimes, it is. When I have a splurge meal.. or I make a splurge purchase… I make sure to remind myself how hard I’ve worked at the gym and that I am absolutely entitled to indulging myself occasionally. Does it also mean that I might have to work a little harder on the rower or the assault bike or add a bit more weight for my back squat? Sure. But that’s part of how I balance my food intake with my workout and MY way of getting healthier.

This, by no means, is a nutrition lesson. I leave those up to Coach Kellie because she got all educated for that stuff. I’m simply giving you an idea of my own journey with food and fitness.

Keep some sort of nutrition bar in the car for when you have to make those quick runs to the store before heading home after working out. Get some post workout stuff… Leighton and Joleen and any of the coaches can make great suggestions. If you have neither of those then ask yourself if going to the store right after the workout and when you’re HUNGRY can wait. We owe it to ourselves to do what’s best for us.

And.. if eating the Chips Ahoy is best for you for the moment… eat it. Enjoy every bite. But remember, get back up on that horse tomorrow and make sure you’re living your best life by getting healthier and stronger every day.

You can do it. You are worth it. I believe in you!

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