Amber’s Story

👏 Check out this update from our client Amber 👏

Since starting with us, Amber is ⬇️ 8.5 inches ⬇️ 6% body fat ⬇️ 17 lbs. of body fat ⬆️ 11 lbs of muscle ⬆️ Confidence ⬆️ Overall Strength.

“Working with Megan is so much fun! She listens to not only my fitness goals but adjusts to my physical limitations where needed. Megan is great at keeping me motivated and celebrating all of my wins, both big and small. She brings such a positive attitude with her that I can’t help but have a great time and before I know it our session is over. Working with Megan has helped me realize that I CAN where I always told myself that I couldn’t.

Everyone at 13 Stripes is so welcoming and made me feel comfortable despite my reservations in starting my fitness journey. Everyone wants to see you succeed and they all celebrate with you. It’s truly a wonderful community made up of so many different people.”

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