I’m not sure I want to come back to the gym yet. What should I do when we reopen?

As we move through the various phases of our COVID-19 recovery plan for Pennsylvania, some people may not be ready to return to the “new normal” yet.  Yellow phase is first, which means we slowly transition to outdoor workouts…then comes the indoor workouts in green. But do we really know when all of this will happen?  Not yet.

Yellow phase gives us more freedom to gather in groups and complete workouts outside of our 4 walls, but not everyone is ready to return or can return based on their family or workplace restrictions.  Regardless of what your situation is, you need to keep working out, eating healthy food, and stay connected to the people around you. So what do we do about it?


Not everyone has the same goals or same needs.  Do you want to continue to work with a private coach who keeps you accountable?  Do you have the time to make it to personal training sessions with a coach in your home?  Does your work schedule require you to workout early in the morning before everyone is up and you need some extra motivation to wake up?  Do you need help making sure you are staying on track with eating healthy?  Do you want to prepare for Murph by joining our endurance training cycle?  Are you training for a Spartan race in the fall?  Or are you just not sure what you need?  This is where we come in!


We will sit down with each and every one of you to make sure that you are getting the training that helps you be successful.  You might need weekly check-ins, while others need daily.  You might need a nutrition coach to help you figure out how to make healthy meals while you’re at home, while others need a personal trainer to keep them accountable to the workouts.  Whatever your needs are, our coaches will help you figure out the way to get from point A to point B in the way that not only fits your goals, but fits your schedule, regardless of whether you are at our physical location or not.


For those of you who are not ready to return to the gym, this likely will involve the use of our custom app to help deliver workouts and keep you accountable for not only doing those workouts, but doing them for their intended purpose.  Your coach will create customized workouts for your goals, and schedule check-ins based on the plan you created.  Not only that, but you will be constantly updating and evaluating your plan to make sure it is working for you, your schedule, and your goals!


If you’re a 13 Stripes member, you already have access to this as part of your membership.  We will be reaching out to determine how you would like to proceed at each phase of opening to help determine what training program is best for you!  If you’re not ready to return to a globogym environment, even when we reach green phase, let us know!  We can help you continue to stay safe from home and get you the results you want! Email joleen@13stripesfitness.com to learn more!