Why rest days are important in fitness

We hear it all the time, why do we need to take rest days?

A lot of times, as athletes, we become hooked on coming into class and working out.  Now that we offer classes 7 days a week, we see people struggle to take days off because they want to keep getting better.  BUT… rest days are a huge part of improving because they provide so much benefit to your body.  Continuous training without rest can actually make you weaker in the long run.  So what do they actually do for you?

  • Allow your muscles to repair themselves and grow
  • Avoid mental fatigue
  • Avoid overuse injuries
  • Makes for a more balanced athlete

Even high level competitive athletes take a rest day as part of their training program.  So, although we program active recovery days into our week, taking a complete rest day is necessary also.  You might struggle to stay home and might think about what you’re missing all day, but your body will thank you in the long run.