Tips for Making Exercise Part of Your Self-Care Routine

Exercise Tips for Self-Care

Exercising doesn’t just make our bodies stronger, it can also help us feel more relaxed and connected to ourselves. Taking the time to incorporate exercise into your self-care routine can have both physical and mental benefits — and no, you don’t have to love running marathons or lifting weights! Here are some tips on how to make exercise part of your self care routine.

Find an Activity

The best way to make exercise a regular part of your life is to find something that you actually enjoy doing. Consider activities such as dancing, yoga, cycling, swimming, martial arts, or even walking in nature — whatever it may be that makes you feel good and boosts your energy levels.

Make It Accessible

It’s easy to talk yourself out of exercising if it means driving 20 minutes just to get there. To make things easier on yourself (especially during these times), try finding activities that are accessible from home such as streaming workout classes or visiting nearby parks if possible. Just because access is limited doesn’t mean that you can’t still work out!

Set Realistic Goals

Making realistic goals for yourself will encourage you stay motivated when engaging in physical activity rather than being overwhelmed with the pressure of trying to achieve impossible standards. Start small by setting daily reminders for yourself about how much time you wish to dedicate towards exercise and gradually increase the amount over time as you become more comfortable with a particular exercise/activity.

Incorporate Rest Days Into Your Schedule

Rest days are just as important as active days so remember to schedule them into your routine too! During this time focus on activities such as stretching, meditation & gentle movement like going for a walk so that your body has the opportunity to recover and let go of any lingering stress from working out. Always listen carefully to your body – if something feels off then take a break until you feel ready again!

Celebrate Your Achievements

Finally – reward yourself! Acknowledge all the hard work that you put in by celebrating each achievement along the way with things like buying yourself new workout clothes or treating yourself after every mile run/biked/swum … whatever works best for YOU! There is no right or wrong way here— celebrate what makes YOU happy & recognize all the progress that YOU have made which will ultimately aid in strengthening your relationship with self-care practices through different forms of physical activity.