A funny thing happened on the way to the gym.

Tell me if you do this. You gear up to go to the gym the day after your rest day. You pack your gym bag (If you’re like me who goes after work). You’ve got your sneakers, your wrist wraps, your JUNK headbands (SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT: They are the best headbands ever. https://www.junkbrands.com), your water bottle is all clean and ready to roll. Then.. around 3 pm at work you hit that wall. Yep. THAT wall. The one where you don’t think you can keep your eyes open another second. The one where you’re contemplating getting chocolate because you think that’s what going to keep you awake. You MIGHT get a cup of coffee to get you through. Then you have a discussion in your head about whether or not you’re too tired to hit the gym. You continue this conversation with yourself on the way to the gym. “I could go home and get in my comfies and watch a re-run of The Golden Girls.” “I could get dinner started earlier.” “I could wash that load of laundry that’s been waiting for me.”
My advice? GO TO THE GYM.
The Golden Girls can wait. So can the laundry.. and dinner. What can’t wait is YOUR HEALTH.
What can’t wait is that extra rep you know you can do when the coach and your 13 Stripes family are encouraging you.
What can’t wait is your standards.
We all need to remember one thing: We joined a gym for a reason. That reason is most typically because we want to lose weight, be healthier, get stronger. And, let’s be honest here, it’s not cheap. We pay for the results we want and WE are worth every single penny.
We need rest days, absolutely. Our body will tell us or we will schedule those into our own work out week. Let’s not let excuses get in the way of our own success. WE are the only ones holding us back so push yourself out of the way and GET TO THE GYM.
I promise you… at the end of the hour you’ll feel better, you’ll feel pride, you’ll feel friendship, and you’ll feel GOOD.
I’ll see you there!!!!
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