Learning the Lingo

Hey, want to go to the local gym and do a WOD?  I heard it’s an AMRAP with thrusters!  I wonder if we can RX it…

Sounds like an entirely new language right?  That was a lot of fitness lingo thrown at you just in one sentence!  In fact, it might be completely intimidating if you’re new to fitness.  So what do those words actually mean?

Check out the guide below!

WOD: Workout of the day – It’s what you will do when you go into class that day!

AMRAP: As many reps or rounds as possible.  You typically do these for a certain amount of time and complete as many repetitions or rounds of the workout as you can during that time.

EMOM: Every minute on the minute.  During this type of workout you will complete the exercise within the minute and then rest the remainder of the minute.

Double-unders: When the jump-rope passes under your feet twice in one jump.

For time: You will finish the workout, however long it takes.

The Open: The 5 weeks during the year that fitness releases 5 workouts (1 each week), designed to see how much progress you’ve made in the past year and how people across the world compare to each other.  Don’t worry if you aren’t competitive.  We do a version in our gym involving teams and fun challenges.

Hero WOD: These workouts are done to honor heroes in law enforcement and the military who have lost their lives serving others.

Metcon: This type of workout is mostly conditioning and typically involves a lot of cardio.

RX: As prescribed or as written

Kip: Using momentum to do a move.  You’ll learn about kipping pull-ups eventually. 🙂

Strict: The opposite of kipping. You don’t use any momentum to get over the bar or for the movement.

1RM: This is short for 1 rep max, which means the heaviest amount of weight you can lift at one time and for one time only.

Hopefully this short intro to lingo is helpful and makes it easier for you to read the workouts! As always, if you have questions feel free to ask your coach!