Live with Purpose

This past weekend Rebecca and I traveled to Yonkers, New York to celebrate our nephews 5th birthday.  Whenever we’re there I never miss an opportunity to drop in to Northeast fitness which is about 10 minutes away from our family’s house.

I went to one of their Structure classes instead of a regular fitness class. This was the definition of the class: “Structure is an all-inclusive low impact fitness program, with a focus on boosting strength using unconventional objects. Specific movement pattern focus will be on mid-line stabilization, squatting, hinging, carries, and static holds using sandbags, sleds, yokes, axle bars, and more. The simple nature of the program challenges any skill or experience level. This is the perfect program for anyone looking for a supplemental program that will help reduce pain and injury, strengthen their physical structures, and get them to the next level of fitness.” It was a partner workout and I worked out with Carolyn (I really hope I spelled it correctly….  I should have made sure to write it down!) who is in remission for breast cancer.  YAY!!!!!!  She did fitness right until her last few treatments because she could and she didn’t want to lose her form and technique.  Let me tell you something – this was one incredibly strong and amazing woman.  She knew her body and was gentle with herself but still worked out like a boss. She paid close attention to what she COULD and stayed away from what she knew was going to be too taxing… for now.  She will build up her strength again and get back to that back squat she could do before.  She also knows she has to be patient with herself. That’s hard for all of us, isn’t it?  We think we SHOULD be able to do a movement with a certain amount of weight but sometimes our bodies or our grip or our leg strength tell us differently.

Carolyn is definitely living with purpose. She fought cancer with purpose and won. Now she’s fighting the battle back to who she was before.  She’ll never be the same. Sickness and the drugs to cure it are harsh on our bodies but she knows finding her NEW normal, her NEW PR, her new light at the end of the long tunnel are accessible goals. I was honored to meet her and to get to work out with her. She truly showed me what strength and inspiration are. She is amazing in a thousand ways.

One of the other things I love about going to this particular box is the community. We all know that New York gets that bad rap of everyone being mean or in a hurry.  Not at Northeast.  I walk in and I automatically feel like I’m home. Everyone is kind and friendly. Everyone is welcoming. Everyone fist bumps or high fives.  Coach Kenny made sure to make contact with each of us in the class….  there was about 10 of us, I think. He watched our technique and form. He corrected when necessary. It was truly heartwarming. You can definitely tell they’re a family unit there and I couldn’t love that more. Much like walking into 13 Stripes and being part of that family…  I know that I have a home away from home in Northeast.

I challenge each of you. Find your happy place outside of 13 Stripes. A box away from our box. A place to get in a good workout with new people and new coaches.  You will learn something, I promise. You’ll take away even more. And the best part?  You’ll get your sweat on. You’ll get in a really good workout. Then you can eat that slice of New York pizza without guilt!

See you at the box!

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