Stepping outside of the Box

I know this will sound weird to people who truly know me…. but I get very nervous and anxious when stepping into a new place and having to meet new people.  I go through all the scenarios in my head of what could go wrong; I could fall off the assault bike. I could hurt myself lifting the slam ball. I could have to modify a movement that should be easy for me. I could split my pants.  I usually go to the extreme. Then, after I’ve met the new people, been to the new place…  I analyze EVERY SINGLE CONVERSATION I had. Did I sound friendly enough when I said hi. Did I make eye contact? Was I too pushy? Was I too excited? Was I excited enough? Did I sound mean?  It all just flows through my head like a skipping record.

And it’s awful. It can destroy any self esteem I had. It can weaken my own confidence in a single question. I still get this way stepping into 13 Stripes. Not as often as I used to but often enough that if I’m quiet people ask me why.

In my short 7 months doing fitness I’ve dropped into Apache fitness in Toms River, NJ, Northeast fitness in Yonkers, NY, Phase II Fitness in Yarmouth, MA and most recently fitness OTG in Egg Harbor Twp, NJ. Every time I’ve dropped in to a new Box because I’ve been traveling I feel a sense of anxiety and worry. It just comes with the territory.  BUT.. as soon as I step across the threshold I’m welcomed with open arms, high fives, fist bumps and introduction after introduction.  They ask about my fitness experience. People want to know what my favorite move is. I’m congratulated for being brave enough to drop in. At the end of the hour I’m met with more high fives and fist bumps, more congratulations, more atta girls and way to go’s and it makes me feel so good that I conquered a fear. I had the honor of working out with a new fitnesster. She was nervous and worried and I felt good about helping her push through a tough workout. We pushed each other. Counted down the burpees. Stuck together on the 200 meter run. Connected on social media. I found a kindred spirit in Heather because I remember being where she was.

You see, when we vacation we tend to want to relax. We want to just not have to think about what our normal routine is at home. We want that escape.  For me, fitness IS that escape. It’s an hour to myself to do the things I KNOW I love to do. It’s an hour spent in a community I’m familiar with. An hour spent with people who have the same mind set that I do. An hour spent working hard to keep achieving my goal… or earn that piece of home made cake my sister in law made. That hour is MY hour. It’s MY church. It’s my synagogue. MY reprieve. And I can’t tell you how much I love it. There’s not enough space, not enough words.

There is really no place like home, though. Tonight I’ll be back at my own sanctuary working out with my tribe. What’s great about visiting a different box is that I can take what I learned or what I saw and bring it to the coaches and owners at 13 Stripes.

I challenge you. It’s vacation season. Find a box where you’re going and drop in. At least once. Don’t take a vacation from your health. You’ve come too far to stop now. When you DO drop into a fitness Box, drop me a line here and tell me where you went. I love to travel and I’d love to drop into the Box you went to!!

See you on the mat!!!

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