Stop the insanity…. or….. not?

You’ve heard it before; The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

I have tried and failed at more than my fair share of weight loss fads. I’ve stopped eating carbs, I’ve counted point after point. I’ve even gone so far as to TELL PEOPLE to hold me accountable for the food I put in my mouth which caused my loved ones to say things like “Should you REALLY be eating that?” and all that did was make me angry and resentful even though I asked for it. I’ve belonged to gyms and, after just a few months, I’ve found some excuse not to go. I got busy, I had to take my son here or there, It was my night to do the dishes. Best one? I have to wash my hair. The only person I was giving these excuses to was myself, just so you know.

But I digress…. when I joined 13 Stripes I made (yet another) commitment to myself to stick this out. I knew I needed to do something or I was headed for a visit to Dr. Nowzaradan in Houston. (Bonus points if you know what show I’m talking about)

When I joined EVERYTHING was hard. Everything hurt. I hated every movement. I couldn’t understand why, if I loved myself, I would put myself through this “torture”. For the record, that feeling only lasted about 3 weeks. I stopped the insanity and kept at it. 3 weeks turned into 3 months. 3 months into 6. And so on and so forth.

Last night I made another commitment to myself. Try something hard. Try something you’ve never been able to do before. So I did. I did a toe to rig movement. (For reference, this is what it looks like. When I’ve tried this movement before it’s always been very painful on my sacrum (Lower back/upper butt). Last night Coach Nelle gave me a soft pad and I was able to do it. I was SHOCKED. When I say shocked I don’t mean I sat up and said “Oh, that’s cool. Ok.” I mean I was ‘mouth hanging open jumping for joy inside yeah baby’ shocked.

You see…. when I can do a movement that I previously could not it’s a huge celebration for me. When you literally go from your comfy couch to a fitness box ANY new movement is a celebration. It’s another victory. Another win for weight loss. And celebrate I do. The coaches do. My classmates do. My family does. They’re all on this journey with me, have seen my transformation and are behind me 100%.

When we stop the insanity of fad diets and gym programs that don’t work for us we really get on that path to healthy living. When we genuinely commit to ourselves that we are worth it, we can accomplish anything. I’m definitely living proof of that.

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