Traveling to distant (or not so distant) lands

My wife, Rebecca and I have family in New York, New Jersey, North Carolina and Florida. We travel mostly to New York and New Jersey since that is where my brothers in law and parents in law live.  Since we go away quite often I’m always dropping into the local fitness box so I can get a workout in.

For MOST of us the thought of stepping out of our comfort zone which is 13 Stripes is terrifying.  We imagine all kinds of things happening that are not normal for us like an over abundance of assault bike or running 3 miles or not knowing if their lingo matches ours. It can be an anxiety ridden experience and, as someone who suffers with high anxiety, it can bring us to a complete stop where we choose NOT to drop in. One of my biggest fears was that their community wouldn’t be like ours ….  kind, non-judging, welcoming and friendly.  Here’s what I found:

My very first drop in was Apache fitness in Toms River, NJ.  They were so welcoming, so warm…  everyone wanted to see me succeed, the provided modifications, they welcomed me in with a smile and a handshake….  and asked me about my journey.

My second was to Northeast fitness in Eastchester, NY.  This is my go-to Box when visiting my brother in law and sister in law in Yonkers. I’m welcomed back. They have a dog. I love the community.  Did I mention there’s a dog? His name is Titan. He’s amazing. He’ll also play fetch with you for as long as you want once you throw the ball. I learned that the hard way.

Then I dropped into Phase II Fitness near Cape Cod over New Years. Yet another warm and welcoming community and I even got to work on my jump roping at the time.

Most recently I dropped into fitness OTG – they’re in Egg Harbor Township, NJ.  My other brother in law and sister in law live there.  I walked in to smiles and handshakes and even made a couple of friends…  One whom, I hope, is reading this blog. She was my workout partner and a new fitnesster and I connected with her right away. Her boss goes to this Box and encouraged her to join.  I’m glad she did… and I’m glad she was there to workout with me.

My point is this:  I’ve already done the hard work of actually SHOWING UP and DOING fitness at 13 Stripes. Why would I skip a workout out of fear?   When I walk in the coaches can tell I’m not an athlete type so as they explained the WOD they slipped modifications right in there.  There is kindness and cheering and community.  How great is it that we belong to this community of people who just cheer you on all the time?

My advice to you: Do the darn thing.  When you go on vacation don’t miss a workout by letting fear rule you.  Get that workout in so you can continue on your fitness journey.  It is much harder to go back to it after a week off. Even if you go twice, you’re still working.

It’s vacation season so I have a request:  When you go away, commit to dropping in at least ONE time to a local fitness Box.  Let me know where you go… and then let me know how it went for you!

I look forward to hearing your stories!

See you at the Box!

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