A glance at the past.

It’s been said in memes and various poems that we’re not supposed to look back because we’re not going that way. When I Googled it to find out who actually said it I was barraged with various reasons why looking back is a bad idea.

I respectfully disagree. How on Earth will we know how far we’ve come if we don’t look back to where we’ve been? How can we monitor our visual progress if we don’t look at our before and after pictures? How can we keep track of the changes we’ve made if we don’t look at our body scans from when we started our healthy journey in comparison to the ones we have now?

Saturday I had a slight breakdown at the gym.  I got incredibly frustrated because I was trying to jump rope for a certain amount of jumps and I was struggling to get there. I got frustrated and, with tears stinging my eyes, Coach Mel and my workout partners reminded me how far I’ve come.

This past Sunday I ran for the first time since I was a little kid. I mean, I’ve done shuttle runs in the gym and light jogs for various WODs but this was actual “I ran around the entire building with two other people” running. Yes, I walked in a few spots but mostly, I ran. I wasn’t fast. My two running buddies stuck with me and when I had to walk they slowed down to keep with me.  I set small goals during that half mile. “Run to that silver car and then you can walk till that maroon car”. “Don’t take the short cut path through the yard of the end building and you can walk when you get to the other side of it.”  Small goals. Lots of breathing concentration. Even more getting out of my head so I can keep going.

I only looked ahead, though. When I saw Coach Kellie standing by the gym door she looked like an oasis of pride.  After I got to the gym door and stood for a moment to catch my breath I looked back outside and realized that I just ran around the entire building that 13 Stripes is attached to and I did a little (tired and winded) jig in my head.

When I got home I was able to celebrate again with my wife. The pride on her face was immeasurable and she reminded me of when I started and I said “What if I have to run?” I love that she helps me look back to remind me where I started.

You all need to look back. See where you’ve been. Take inventory of your progress. Remind yourself what it felt like when you couldn’t fit into those cute shorts last summer but now, they’re too big on you. Revel in your accomplishments because you deserve to. You worked too darn hard on yourself not to.

And then come to the Box and tell me all about it. I want to hear your story. I want to hear where you’ve been. Come tell me!

I’ll be waiting.  See you on the mat!

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