Check out Bruce’s Story!

Bruce has been a personal training client at 13 Stripes since August of 2021. Before joining, he found every day life – home, work, and play – to be a huge challenge. He found everything to be physically difficult, a situation made even worse by a medical condition which contributed to weight gain and a loss of strength and mobility. The easiest of tasks left him tired, out of breath, and feeling weak. These difficulties left him feeling disappointed and down, as he wanted to remain active as he aged and live to see his children grow older. He knew something had to change.After his first workout at 13 Stripes, he was drained and realized just how poor of a condition he was in. Now he dreams of those early workouts, and how much easier they are compared to what he’s capable of now. He’s lost weight, and can see and feel the results of his workouts.Bruce follows a personalized training plan, focused on his individual goals. Initially apprehensive, now he’s excited and looking forward to more progress in 2022!If you’re on the fence about joining 13 Stripes, Bruce says “Don’t put it off any longer. It’s the best decision I ever made (besides marrying my beautiful bride of 21 years and having two wonderful children.) If you want to grow old with your spouse and see your children progress through life, just commit to giving it a try. The results will keep you coming back.”One of our favorite parts of working with Bruce is hearing that his doctor was amazed with the progress he’s been making and even asked where he was going so he could find out too!

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