From Couch to fitness

Welcome friends!  Here you’ll find a new blog about MY journey from Couch to fitness and hopefully, you’ll find some inspiration.

If you follow us on social media or on the website you’ll find amazing tips on eating healthy, getting yourself moving, the proper ways to perform exercises, and how making the most of your very own strength building and weight loss journey can be easier than you think. You’ll also find ME!

How I went from Couch to fitness…..

My weight loss (and gain and loss and gain) journey began when I was in my 20’s and realized that keeping the baby weight wasn’t cute. I tried all of the popular and unpopular weight loss techniques from counting points to drinking 2 shakes a day and trying to have a sensible dinner. About 2 years ago I gave up on ever being healthy and started to realize I was going to have to accept my size.
Then walking up and down stairs became a challenge. I started having issues with my knees that weren’t issues before. I noticed that my clothing wasn’t fitting from one season to the next. Pain became a part of daily life and I gradually gained weight to the point of being just over 300 lbs.  My last registered weight at my doctor’s office had been in March of 2018 and it was 294 lbs.
That was my wakeup call but I still hadn’t hit rock bottom. Rock bottom came when I saw myself in a picture and couldn’t believe how big I was. It wasn’t until I saw a 6 week challenge at 13 Stripes fitness that I really thought about whether or not I could push myself for 6 weeks and maybe jump start a weight loss, learn to cook healthy and pay close attention to her activity.
As it turns out…  instead of doing the 6 week challenge I just joined the gym as a member in August of 2018. Just like that. Signed on the dotted line, took 3 Foundations classes with Coach Kellie and turned my strength training and weight loss over to a higher power that would give me the will I needed to keep going. I needed a new ‘church’, so to speak, and 13 Stripes became that church.
After an emotional start (I couldn’t get myself off the ground in the 1st foundations class) and a new outlook on life, I began to ‘drink the Kool aid’, as they say, and started feeling better, more confident, stronger and able to do things I never thought I could.
I went from couch to fitness in one fell swoop and I want to take you along my journey.  You’ll find real and raw, emotion and elation, pride and disappointments and all around open truth here on this blog.
Feel free to ask questions. Find me on Facebook.  We all need someone who understands… and if you’re scared to death… I understand. I was there, too.

And then I got up.

1 thought on “From Couch to fitness”

  1. Your journey has become our journey and I’m proud of you for trying it and loving it. You Rock!!!