13 Stripes Fitness Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are coming up and we know many people are looking to shop for their friends and family. With that in mind, we wanted to give you some ideas for the fitness lovers in your life or for those you want to share your love of fitness with!

Personal Training/Skill Sessions

Gift your loved one a personal training or skill session package.

Personal training sessions are a great way to introduce people to your love of fitness. They are perfect for those who are uncomfortable being around other people currently, have a difficult schedule, travel a lot for work, or are just getting started!

Skill sessions are the perfect way to help those fitness athletes you know improve on a specific movement like the clean, snatch, pull-ups, double-unders, muscle-ups, etc. You can even use these sessions to work on specific areas like your abs, arms, and even mobility!

Nutrition Session

Navigating the holiday season can be difficult for many people. Give your loved one the gift of working with our registered dietitian who can help them create healthy habits and a custom plan that fits their lifestyle!

Foundations Package

If your friends or family have been interested in joining classes with you, gift them a Foundations session package! These 5, 1 on 1 sessions introduce everyone to the lifts in our classes in a safe and comfortable atmosphere. By the end of Foundations, they will feel confident coming to class with you!

Gift Cards

Not sure what someone truly wants? Get them a gift card that can be used towards any class, personal training, nutrition, or apparel order through 13 Stripes!

Or email joleen@13stripesfitness.com to purchase!!!