Why You Can’t Stay Motivated on Your Own

People who go to gyms regularly are not more motivated than others.  They have the same struggles with motivation that you do.

So what is the biggest difference?  They know they struggle to get motivated and reach out for help when they do. They find someone who can provide a source of external motivation when their internal motivation is struggling.

Ask anyone at our gym: sometimes they don’t feel like working out.  And the people who eat healthy every day?  They want that slice of cake just like you do.  

So why do they come?  Why do they stick to their healthy choices 80% of the time?

Here’s the secret:  Every single one of them has a plan and a coach to keep them on track.

Coaches are important to long-term success in any walk of life, from business to fitness.  But when it comes to our health, it’s even more important.  You need to have someone to hold you accountable if you’ve tried and failed in the past.  Your partner at home will let you off the hook when you’re having a hard day.  Some people around you might even be jealous of your beginning success and work against it.  Your friends and coworkers might try to sneak you snacks when they have them for that very reason.  

You need someone to:

  • Remove the guesswork and tell you exactly what to do when things get hard.
  • Get you results FAST so you stick with it.
  • Hold you accountable through scheduled appointments.
  • Have a plan for when you do have a failure.  This is where a coach is key!  They tell you what the next steps to take are.
  • Help you keep track of everything: workouts, nutrition habits, sleep habits, and especially your wins.
  • Remind you of the reason you’re doing this.  We often need reminded of what we are working for and why!

If you’ve struggled in the past to stay on a plan or quit things you start often, you are ready to try something new. To find out how our customized plans at 13 Stripes Fitness can help you reach your goals, book a free consultation with us at https://13stripesfitness.com/free-intro/

In our appointment, you’ll meet with one of our experts, get a customized plan that will help you not just get started, but stay on track and even schedule your first day to get started.

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Trish struggled to get started on her own and made great progress with the help of a coach!